This blog does not constantly post anything pertaining to Wicca,Witchcraft,Or paganism. Its more of a blog of what I think is funny clever or interesting. I do love my followers cause they make me feel loved. I do enjoy talking to people so if you want to chat hut me up. My inbox is always open. I do have periods in which my blog will become depressing due to my constant fluctuation if my mental health. I suffer from depression,insomnia,abandonment issues,self hatred. I use to cut but lets face it, I didn't enjoy it and the feeling of it freaks me out. I'm a demisexual. I have been looking to be enlightened on what it's like to date another male ,but I'm 15 and I don't want any bad feelings to overcome anyone in the relationship due to peoples view on the gender,orientation,or age deference. I also can identify as a pantheist. I enjoy musicals and live shows. My favourite band is Evanescence. My favourite song is Always starting over by Idina Menzel. I look to move to New York and study in Interior design and in musical theatre. I currently live in Texas. I usually have a hard time talking to new people. I also enjoy solitude but need to be social or I go crazy quickly. I do not necessarily like people much but I've always had a soft spot for animals. I have six dogs and two young rabbits.
This blog is so not only I can see myself but for other people to see how I grow as a person.
I also will ask for advice or say hello to my followers so watch out y'all.
Leo sun
Scorpio Moon
Libra asendent

many blessings thank you and have a good time